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Suicide Awareness Partnership Training - Welcome!


The Suicide Awareness Partnership Training (SAPT) project provides training in suicide awareness across Derbyshire, and Leicestershire & Rutland. We welcome you to our website and hope you will browse around, find something of interest and contact us.


  • Do you know that many people contemplate suicide at some point in their lives?
  • Do you know that suicide is the most common cause of death in adult men under the age of 35?
  • Do you know that about 4,300 people take their own lives in England each year?
Talk about suicide can be a ‘difficult subject’, and this taboo can 
affect the way society reacts to or helps those who are in distress.

Let’s break the silence and help save lives!

If you care about people; work with people; would like a valuable tool to help you if or when dealing with vulnerable people or anyone in distress; then our suicide awareness training sessions may be just for you.

If you want to attend a half-day suicide awareness training session, please check out our forthcoming training sessions or contact us if you want to discuss anything further. We hope to hear from you soon!

Since November 2009, SAPT has trained over 5,000 people at our half-day seminars; we have excellent feedback (99% of delegates state they would recommend the training to others); and we have evidence that many of those we train do go on to help people in distress. Informed by clinical and academic expertise, with grateful thanks to Ellen Townsend and Keith Waters, our half-day training was thoroughly reviewed and updated in September 2015.  

SAPT has local arrangements within each local county or unitary authority area in Derbyshire and Leicestershire/Rutland (depending on funding sources) or can provide training to individuals for a small charge - or 'in-house' within agencies. We are hosted by, and constituent parts of, the Rural Community Councils within these counties.

For further information about SAPT in your county area, please visit either RCC (Leicestershire & Rutland) or Rural Action Derbyshire - as appropriate. 

We provide half-day suicide awareness training, which is open to everyone. We especially encourage attendance from those whose work is likely to bring them into contact with people who may be vulnerable to suicide or self-harm. 

If you have found your way to this website because you are in distress, and may be thinking of taking your own life, then please do seek help urgently. The   Help in a crisis section suggests some useful sources of help and support.